Rap Godz - Hip Hop for your Tabletop.

Hip Hop was born 45 years ago, so it’s definitely time for a hip-hop based board game. We couldn’t find one out there in the world of modern board games so we created it.

It’s called Rap Godz.

The story behind the game.

My brother and Founder of Board Game Brothas, Hamu “Woo” Dennis, was fortunate enough to have been living directly in parallel to the Hip Hop rise and evolution. The board game was and idea that he starting imagining almost 10 years ago with New Orleans Hip Hop legend, Tim Smooth. When Tim’s life was cut short after a year long fight with cancer in 2011, Hamu did not want to let the idea slip away with him. He worked on a couple different game ideas over the years independently and brought it to my attention in March of 2017. After a weekend of non-stop discussion about what the game would be and how it would work, it was clear we had something special in the works.

The game behind the story.

Rap Godz is a game for gamers looking for something with some depth, a unique and fun theme, and looks good on the table — all at the same time. It’s also a game for hip-hop heads who don’t know much about boardgames beyond Monopoly, but they are game to try something that hits close to home.

So in Rap Godz…

You are the rapper.

Start by selecting your new rap persona from the Rolez deck and a hometown to represent from the Citiez deck.

You play a card each turn that earns you plaques and also one of your 3 rap resources — Money, Rap Skills, or Street Cred.

You’re definitely going to be starting Beef with other players…but beware, if you’re not careful it might backfire.

You get 3 albums to prove yourself and try to become the Rap God (aka win the game) by earning the most record sales plaques.

It’s just that simple…but not too simple. The experience changes every game because different Rolez, Cities, and a random set of Goalz (selected at the beginning of the game) will change the objectives for earning bonus plaques and impacts the strategy of each player.

What now? Kickstarter!

Rap Godz will be on Kickstarter starting August 22nd, 2018. You can also Like and Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so we can keep you informed about Rap Godz and other upcoming projects.

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